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Fee Payment

admissions guidelines

Tindiret Technical and Vocational Collage follow guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education Kenya before admitting students to our collage. Below are the guidelines for admission. Click on each guideline to view.

The minimum qualifications as provided by KUCCPS and KNEC  to the following levels of courses are

  • Artisan ( E )
  • Craft certificate *( D plain and above )
  • Diploma ( C minus )

1. To apply for admission one should be a Kenyan Citizen.

2. Be of sound mind.

3. Has satisfied the necessary minimum academic qualifications.

  • All new students to pay Ksh.1000 caution money, Ksh 500 registration fee, Ksh 1550 KUCCPS registration fee Ksh 250 for Student ID.
  • All fees must be deposited to Kenya commercial bank, Nandi hills branch A/c number 1263943721 (KCB) Kenya or by Banker’s cheques or money orders payable at Nandi hills post office  or by MPESA to college paybill during admission. STRICTLY NO CASH.
  • The total fee per year is Ksh.56,420.00 Of the total fee; the government will pay Ksh.30,000.00 for each KUCCPS student. The balance of Kshs.26,420 shall be paid directly by the parent, sponsor, or may be raised by applying for a loan from higher education’s loan board (HELB).

Funding options

At TTVC We have Government Sponsored Students(GSSP) and Self / Privately Sponsored Students (PSSP)

These are Students who are directly placed by Kenya University and College Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) or self sponsored Students below the age of 35 years  enrolled on the college and have applied for adoption into KUCCPS system.

  1. The total college fees is Ksh 56,420.00 per year. The Government of Kenya pays Ksh 30,000.00 per student per year
  2. These students are required to only pay admission fees, Ksh 26,420.00 College fees per academic year and KNEC exam registration fees when due for KNEC exams.

These are students who are not placed by KUCCPS to the college and above 35 years of age.

  • The total college fees is Ksh 56,420.00 per year.
  • These students are required to pay for admission fees, Ksh 56,420 college fees. and KNEC exams registration fees.  

All bonafied TVET  students eligible to apply for TVET Helb Loans and bursaries from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) provided they are Kenyan Citizens with Identification cards and have a good credit rating at the credit Registration Bureau.

  • Students can be awarded Ksh 40,000.00 or Ksh 35,000.00 depending on the details provided during application.
  • Out of which Ksh 26,420.00 go directly to the college account for fees the remaining amount is paid directly to the students account for upkeep

Needy Tindiret Technical  students are encouraged to apply for:

National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAF)  bursaries from County Women Representatives Offices.

National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) bursaries from their respective constituencies of  residence.

Needy Tindiret Technical  students are encouraged to apply for County Governments Bursaries funds from their various counties of residence to aid in fee payment

Needy Tindiret Technical  students are encouraged to apply for full and partial scholarship schemes to fund their education from well wishers , agencies and organizations.

frequently asked questions

Below are some of most frequently questions.

Yes, a national Id is not a requirement for a student to get admission. A student will only present a birth certificate and KCSE results slip or certificate during admission. 

A student is not charged any money to sit normal internal examinations. Only students who sit for retake and supplementary examinations as guided by the Tindiret Technical and Vocational College  Academic Policy.

Yes. For a student to sit for Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC Exams ) he or she must pay registration fees which differ per course as provided for by the KNEC Technical and business examination guidelines. 

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