Deputy Principal Academics

Mr. Titus Kibet Rotich

Deputy Principal Academics

Message from Deputy Principal Academics

Deputy Principal Academic Affairs is in charge of all academic programmes, not limited to curriculum implementation, supervision, assessment, Research and Innovations, programmes accreditation, staff performance appraisals and quality assurance.

The college is licensed by the TVET Authority to offer global market demand courses in Building and Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computing and Informatics, Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Liberal Studies, Business studies and entrepreneurship. Our assessment agencies are TVET CDACC, NITA, and KNEC.

At Tindiret, we are committed to fostering an environment where innovation, creativity, and growth thrive. Our state-of-the-art training equipment has been carefully selected to align with industry standards, ensuring that our trainees receive hands-on training using technologies and methodologies that are globally demanded in the professional and ever-evolving world around us.

Through ODeL, Tindiret is expanding opportunities for lifelong learning, catering to diverse trainees’ needs and schedules. It provides flexibility, enabling individuals already engaged in the workforce or residing in remote areas to pursue quality technical education without compromising their current commitments. ODeL presents an incredible opportunity to expand access to quality education, enhance skills development, and bridge gaps in training for a diverse trainee population.

Our Jitume Laboratory has revolutionized the job market by breaking down geographical barriers and transforming traditional job roles, thereby offering a multitude of online job opportunities to our trainees and community.

Join our large academic community today.

Titus Kibet Rotich

Deputy Principal Academics

Tindiret Technical and Vocational College

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